so a few months ago i was poking through my old folders and sketchbooks from seven years ago when i first played fe4, and i managed to find both a picture on my computer AND in my sketchbook where i was trying to draw all the freege kids but never went through with it. man, i was obsessed with freege.

so i figured i might as well do it now. for the sake of myself seven years ago. so here here we are. FREEGE KIDS.

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as promised, here are the designs i made for the holy “markings” for the twelve bloodlines in fe4 plus satan loptyr! i did them pretty quick so apologies for the parts that aren’t very clean…..

obviously, the mark of naga is taken from awakening. i just turned it into a vector really lazily.

(i have no idea how to spell any of these in english. i’m really out of the loop when it comes to awakening localizations, so feel free to tell me if any of these were actually given official localized names since i honestly don’t know.)

September 16 | 3:52 | 136♥

here’s a quick environment speedpaint i did of FE4’s chapter one! i imagine verdane would be really pretty, so i really wanted to sketch out some environments for it. i dunno, “the kingdom of forests and lakes” always sounded really romantic to me, heh.

September 11 | 3:47 | 45♥
Anonymous:Hi! I noticed on your art of Levin and Seti that you have your own design for the mark of Forseti - do you have any designs for the other holy bloodlines? Is it possible to get a clearer picture of the mark of Forseti and any others you have designs for?

actually, the answer is yes!! i made designs for all 12 bloodlines + loptyr, and i wanted to sketch them out on the computer to post them sometime just for fun, but THEN…. i lost the piece of paper i’d been planning them out on. (!!! i’m pathetic) i think i’ll definitely search a bit harder for it later though (and probably revise some of them), and then i’ll post them! thanks for asking!

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aand the color palette meme: FE13/fire emblem awakening edition!!

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color palette meme: tales of edition!!

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remember those mega requests i asked for nine months ago?? well, i’m finally posting some of them (i haven’t done them all). i’m pretty sure/hoping mega flygon will be released in ORAS, so i might as well post my rendition before it gets jossed.

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