Anonymous:Hi! I noticed on your art of Levin and Seti that you have your own design for the mark of Forseti - do you have any designs for the other holy bloodlines? Is it possible to get a clearer picture of the mark of Forseti and any others you have designs for?

actually, the answer is yes!! i made designs for all 12 bloodlines + loptyr, and i wanted to sketch them out on the computer to post them sometime just for fun, but THEN…. i lost the piece of paper i’d been planning them out on. (!!! i’m pathetic) i think i’ll definitely search a bit harder for it later though (and probably revise some of them), and then i’ll post them! thanks for asking!

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aand the color palette meme: FE13/fire emblem awakening edition!!

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color palette meme: tales of edition!!

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remember those mega requests i asked for nine months ago?? well, i’m finally posting some of them (i haven’t done them all). i’m pretty sure/hoping mega flygon will be released in ORAS, so i might as well post my rendition before it gets jossed.

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the adventures of fon master anise and fon master guardian florian!!! coming to theatres never

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i think every mother 1 fan has their own interpretation of giygas, so here’s mine!

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after all, i have no heart or time to spare.

(i drew this 5 months ago and it’s been sitting in my drafts?? ah well)

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